The Designer

Sheelagh Zagoritis draws on decades of experience when she creates her designs. Each piece is unique and the process starts with the selection of a rare gemstone and the design created around it. Each piece is then lovingly handmade by our Master Goldsmiths.

Sheelagh has designed and made unique pieces for royalty and celebrities alike. Queen Sonja of Norway has commissioned several pieces for her collection. Others include Sting & Trudie Styler.

Custom Work

Sheelagh welcomes the opportunity to design and make pieces for individuals.

If you would like to choose one of our wonderful loose gemstones and have her design and make you a personal piece,
then go ahead! You'll be surprised at the pricing and quality. Perhaps start by viewing some of her pieces in her portfolio for ideas.

Talk to Sheelagh about a Custom Piece for you

Sheelagh's Portfolio

With over 20 years in design, it is impossible to display all Sheelagh's pieces here.
This portfolio simply serves as a brief showcase of some of her work.

  • Striking blue/green, flawless Kuranze Tsavorites, delicately set below a shimmering line of Diamonds. Beautifully hand crafted to create these stunning bespoke earrings.

    Tsavorite And Diamond Earrings

  • Solitaire perfection! Featuring a beautiful, flawless Kuranze Tsavorite oval.

    Oval Tsavorite Solitaire Ring

  • A truly magnificent bracelet custom designed and handcrafted in 18k white gold with seven beautifully matched Tanzanites, each glowing with a rich, velvety blue hue encased in a shimmering Diamond halo. Timeless and fit for a Princess

    Tanzanite And Diamond Bracelet

  • A most beautiful Oval Tanzanite with a richly, velvety shade of blue and with plenty of "red flash" is set with two Diamonds, one on each side in 18k Yellow Gold. A truly stunning ring.

    Tanzanite And Diamond Ring

  • A pretty heart pendant, custom designed and handcrafted in 18k rose gold featuring two beautiful flawless Tsavorites.

    Tsavorite Heart Pendant

  • A beautiful ring featuring three striking, natural, untreated Kenya Fancy Sapphires. A stunning kaleidoscope of brilliant green and yellow flashes handcrafted in 18k yellow gold.

    Fancy Sapphire Trilogy Ring

  • Absolutely gorgeous. An exceptional Santa Maria Afrique Aquamarine scintillates from the heart of this stunning ring accented by sparkling white Diamonds set into the band.

    Aquamarine and Diamond Ring

  • A pretty pair of richly colored Amethyst Cabochons set as stud earrings with full bezels of 18k white gold

    Amethyst Earrings