Why Collect Gemstones?

There are many reasons to collect fine gems; some economic and some personal but all are practical. The world’s supply of natural gemstones is limited as to what already exists. No more are being made and even if there are, it takes eons of time to produce a natural gemstone. Many of the large producing mines of the world are already mined out, or nearly so. Although there are new discoveries, even these contain limited supplies and will eventually be depleted. As the world's population increases, so will the demand. Those who have the stones are finding ways to promote gemstones to the masses. At one time, it was the elite of the Western World and the European countries that had an interest in these items. As things change, the masses of the world will be wanting to own natural gemstones. The market grows daily and the supply shrinks in tandem.

At The Rare Gemstone Company we specialise in the very top grades of the gems we deal in. We have built an enviable reputation for selling the very best in gems mined in East Africa. We are fortunate to be based at the source of one of the world's largest gem producing areas- a position we use to the advantage of our worldwide clientele to secure and offer the finest gems available in the region. We select out the very best pieces from thousands of carats and these are offered on our award-winning site. Of these, we further select out the unique and rarest and these are presented here on our Collector's Gallery. The gems we offer here are of the finest pedigree and guaranteed to pique a collector's interest.